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Our community has delivered events for some of the most iconic brands in the UK:

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Our community has delivered events for some of the most iconic brands in the UK:

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Our mobile bar suppliers will bring the ‘wow’ factor to your event. Choose from our range of elegant indoor bars or converted vehicles.

Our food truck suppliers are a proud bunch. With some of the most visually stunning vehicles in the game, get ready for a centrepiece at your event.

Our street food suppliers elevate event experiences, satisfy diverse tastes, and ensure food safety – all whilst leaving a lasting impression.

Premium food on film sets ensures sustained energy for long shoots, fosters a positive work environment, and enhances cast and crew morale.

Treating employees to regular premium food boosts morale, enhances productivity, and supports employee wellbeing during demanding work hours.

Using our sense-sational™ catering suppliers for your end-of-year party rewards employees, fosters appreciation, and creates a memorable celebration, enhancing morale and loyalty.

Our catering suppliers help to create epic summer parties and memorable experiences by providing a wide range of diverse options. From Greek to Caribbean, our suppliers will help you to boost employee morale and wellbeing.

Our catering suppliers love to cater at university events, as they can directly enhance the student experience by providing a memorable catering experience.

Premium food at outside broadcasting sites sustains energy for long hours, enhances focus, and fosters a positive working environment for production teams.

Food fosters friendship, encourages informal interaction, boosts morale, and creates a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing teamwork and communication at team-building events.

Our catering suppliers promote nourishment and community, enhancing the overall experience and promoting holistic wellness at wellbeing events.

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Food &Drink

Select from our range of food and drink categories, supplied by premium verified caterers, all aligned with one purpose: to provide you with a sense-sational™ food and drink experience.


We save you the time and hassle of trying to organise an event on your own. Our in-house event specialists are on hand to help you to create your perfect event alongside our hand-selected Caterly Community, who have delivered corporate events for some of the most iconic companies in the UK.

In the unlikely event that a caterer needs to cancel the booking, we will find a similar or better replacement, or provide a full refund.

If a dispute arises, we’ll investigate and provide a refund if needed, as long as we’re notified beforehand, since we hold most of your funds securely.

We provide you with the necessary legal documents and best-practice risk assessments ahead of your event, including: 5* Hygiene Proof, PLI, and HACCP.

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Our community has delivered events for some of the most iconic brands in the UK.